What We Offer


Over 100 years of collective photography and video experience.
Our staff of 10 videographers, photographers and editors is stocked with experience and has been serving Southern California for 20 years. Our roots in event videography and photography where anticipation, timing, creativity and skill are key, have prepared us for any challenge.

Hundreds of successful events and projects completed.
It has been our pleasure to provide services for families, small Southern California businesses and multi-national companies. From coast to coast in the United States and four continents around the world we have delivered quality video and photo production services.

We are people-people. No geeks, nerds or techies.
We love what we do and we enjoy working with our clients. Sure what we do is hard work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun doing it. Our positive, up-beat attitude has probably kept us in demand as much as our quality video productions.

State of the art digital technology.
We employ capable technology that matches the job and the price point. Our standards include; Digital cameras, digital non-linear editing, Digital Tape Mastering and finished products delivered on DVD. We can also produce in High Definition video.

Portable studio able to produce and deliver your project on location, on time.
Photographs can be shot, printed, packaged in folios and delivered on site. We can also deliver digital prints and present photo slideshows within minutes of shooting. Videography services include same-day edit of Recap and Highlight videos. We can provide projection of the finished program as well as on-site delivery of DVDs for all attendees.

Talent, Creativity and Skill.
Our videoraphers and video editors have produced award winning video productions. We can’t carry the banner as the Emotion Picture Studio without the heart to back it up. With every job we accept, we apply talent and technology to produce the best results we can for our clients. We believe talent is a gift from God, nothing to brag about, but something to use to bless others.