Virtual Events

During Covid many events had to be cancelled or postponed.  However, we offered our clients the option to go “Virtual”.

A virtual event can be virtually anything you want it to be – and we can help you narrow down the choices, figure out what option is best for you, and if appropriate help you execute your chosen path.

You could have a ZOOM meeting, or a Webinar, but if you want to have an Event, then by all means have an Event – and broadcast it to your audience via the web!

We can Webcast an event that is all virtual, all live, all pre-recorded – or any combination of these formats – just like broadcast television.

Unlike broadcast TV, Our webcast solution allows for audience engagement on many levels.

There are some platforms out there that offer a virtual world for your virtual event, with an out of this world price tag, our integrated webcast service pricing is down to earth.

Our Webcast solution can deliver…

Live or Pre-Recorded Presentations.

Presenters can be on a local or remote, real or virtual set.  The possibilities are unlimited.

Keynote and single presenters, panel discussions, breakout meetings, one-on-one connections, Q&A and social media feeds, and more are all available.

After the event your valuable content can be made available for access or monetization via our Video On Demand platform.

Don’t send your guests to a 2D conference hall, connect with them in their real world and deliver the content and experience you have been known for.

Virtual Event Platforms are just that, platforms upon which an event can be built after you get through the learning curve and all the construction work.  Don’t hire a website, hire an event production team that will translate what you do – create events – into a virtual experience.

Best of all, our services and prices, are scalable, to meet your needs and budget.

We are ready to help you deliver your real events to a real audience virtually anywhere.  Call Today!

You can find our Basic Virtual Event Services pricing HERE.