Sales Video

Marketing, Sales, Promotions; whatever you call it, it is all about compelling potential customers to give you business. In the past, video meant television, and television meant big bucks. Then, only mega-companies could afford to use the power of video to capture consumers. The rest of us relied on print media, fast-talking, and more recently, static website and PowerPoint presentations.

Welcome to the Future Marty!
Today we live in a video dominated world. Cell Phone Video, TikTok, YouTube, and Streaming Web Video. It is now affordable for you to implement video to expand your market and increase your sales.

Bring Home the Bacon.
A Marketing Video has the ability to bring together all of the elements needed to make a compelling bid for your customer’s business. Moving and Still Images, Graphics, Music, Narration, Demonstration and Testimonials. These video elements work together to drive a desired result and bring in the sales.

Got the Perfect Pitch? Pitch it Perfectly!
Whether you have an army of salespeople or you are a force or one. Having a sales video to send and show potential clients increases your professional image and delivers your sales pitch perfectly, every time it is played.

Get Seen, Get Sales.
Integrate your sales video at tradeshows, on sales calls, in direct mail campaigns and see increased interest in your product and service. Your Promotional Video can also be distributed in the marketplace through a number of hot new video based solutions.

  • Website Commercials
  • Cell Phone Video
  • Viral Web Video Marketing
  • Marketing Video Kiosks
  • Sales Video Presentations

Ashley Media Productions has all of the talent and technology in-house to get your project from Script to Screen.

Call us to share details about your need and we will develop a solution and provide a quote right over the phone or email.

Most Sales Video project starts with a script. You can provide the script or we can write one for you. Either way, to get the process started quickly and efficiently, we will provide a one-hour script session at no charge!

When the script is approved, production begins. You will be working with the same producers from conception to completion to ensure your vision is preserved throughout the process.

After you approve the finished video, we will deliver it using your chosen format.