In-House Video

Since video is a powerful communicator, why not use it to convey to your people that ‘must hear’ message. The following applications are only a few of the many ways video can produce desired results within your company.

Training Video
Video is the most effective training tool available today. Video allows you to demonstrate and educate like no other medium. Once your training message is delivered on video you can be confident that the right message is getting to everyone, correctly, every time. The efficiency of this method of training makes it a very worthwhile investment.

Motivational Video
Broadcast on your In-house network or at your next Sales or Production meeting, a pre-produced concept video will get your message into the minds and hearts of your team. The unparalleled power of video to connect with viewers will inspire and motivate with pinpoint accuracy.

Recognition Video
When an employee has earned kudos we prepare a video that will honor them and their accomplishments. This video will be a recognition award with heart.

Biography Video
When someone has spent their life giving to the company, then recognize their contribution with a tribute of distinction. This scripted and narrated documentary of the honoree’s life will not only highlight their career, but their family life too. Making this commendation the most personal and meaningful salute possible.