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“A sublime dance
of light and dark”

They say




The quality was spectacular!

Thank you Ashley Productions for your amazing customer service and the quality of the video you provided of our recent Make-A-Wish Event. You all captured all of the main qualities we were hoping to get, and even captured more, which ended up being a great surprise! Your team was very efficient and prompt on getting the video to us and to the family, but most of all the quality was spectacular!

Tracy McQuaid - Wish Granter
Make-A-Wish Foundation

Raising the Bar

Thank you for the quality safety videos you produced for my team. It was a pleasure working with you through the projects. The videos have already been circulated within our network and will be a standard as we onboard new team members. The quality of production will enhance our already high safety training standards and aid us in raising the bar.

Brian Coley - Regional Transportation Manager

We exceeded our fundraising goals because of you!

WOW. You and your team knocked it out of the park last night, things went GREAT! I really appreciate your flexibility, creativity, and professionalism. We would happily work with you anytime, so I hope we aren't too much of a pain. Thank you for all that you do! We exceeded our fundraising goals because of you!

Anne Middleton - Executive Director
ECOLIFE Conservation

"Exceeds our expectations"

The Ashley team continuously meets and exceeds our expectations each time we enlist them to support a project. Their team is very skilled, reliable, and professional. Their approachable nature is always mentioned by staff, executive management and our Board of Directors.

Michelle Adams | Strategic Communications Supervisor
Western Municipal Water District

"Well-Oiled Machine"

Our team and Ashley Productions work professionally and seamlessly together and our audience has continued to benefit from the joint delivery.  We have now moved into a hybrid environment, both in-person and remote with the support of this “well-oiled machine” I have total trust and reliability with Ashley Productions helping our ongoing growth.

Jeremy Phillips - Event Organizer
Advanced Applications in Medical Practice 

"You never let us down"

You have always exceeded our expectations not only with the quality of the photography and videography but also with exceptional creativity. One of my favorite pieces that you create for us is the “Highlight Video” shown at the end of the event to our attendees. This video always captures the essence of the program and provides lifelong memories for the attendees. Last year, the video incorporated drone coverage and gave the video a heightened dimension! Again, your creativity was amazing and we count on you and your team to always make us shine...and you never let us down.

Karen Alfonso - Director, Meetings & Events
The Hartford