Audio Visual Services

Event Videography is our specialty. We have the talent and skills to make the video production process a wonderful experience for you and your guests. Our key to creating compelling video is that the attendees not only enjoy the results, but enjoy the process as well. Our people skills and production prowess has made us the provider of event videography and photography for American and International companies at home, and on three continents around the world.

The Big Bang!
Not universe creation theories; we’re talking ‘More Bang for you Buck’ and ‘End with a Bang’, kind of Bang! You are spending a lot of money to make an impression…one time. For a fraction of your event budget a highlights video shown at the conclusion of your event will recap the experience and repeat your message. When it’s all over you can hope they had a good time, or you can show them they had a good time. The applause and accolades generated by the video will be proof that your money was well spent and your message well received.

How did they do that?
Did I mention that we are not only Good we are FAST. We can Shoot, Edit and Show on the same day. Your guests will be amazed and impressed. The only caveat is you have to be prepared to answer the question, ‘How did they do that?’

Say, ‘Thank You’ again and again.
The great value of Incentive and Destination video coverage is its ability to let attendees rehear your message and share their experience, again and again when the trip is over. They will never forget how valuable their professional commitment is to you, and them.

Why dangle a carrot when you can dangle a cake?
In addition to saying thank you, Incentive trips are intended to motivate your employees. The trip will inspire those in attendance, but how do you stimulate the staff back home? You could send them a postcard that says. “Wish you were here”. Or you could show them a video that will not only have them wishing, but working, to be a part of the next event.

The following video presentations have been an integral part of many Incentive Award trips, Conferences and Business Meetings.

HIGHLIGHTS RECAP VIDEO – Sometimes referred to as a “Happy Snaps Video” or “Feel Good Video” because it will show and remind your attendees what a wonderful experience they have had…and of course, leave them smiling.

MESSAGE VIDEO – Incorporating a pre-produced video into your presentation will boost your ability to deliver your message to your audience. Americans are practically programmed to tune-in and receive when presented with video. No other medium is as effective at getting a message across.

RETROSPECTIVE VIDEO – Some conferences and meetings are more about business than they are fun. You want the attendees to have a good time but it’s mostly about learning and doing. A retrospective video is a combination of Highlights video and Message video. It will send them home with the information you want them to remember and the memories you don’t want them to forget.